Monday, October 29, 2012

Boat Ride Anybody?

This goes into the just when you think you have seen it all category.
Check out this nut taking his boat out into the ocean yesterday afternoon.

No one was wearing life jackets on board.

Heard he made it back OK.

So far at my location winds are picking up but suppose to get worse after 1:00 PM eastern time. Storms is 300 miles away from New York City and making the turn now toward Jersey shore. Land fall between Atlantic City and Cape May, NJ.

Hoping to keep power but they are saying the winds will be at the peak between 3PM to 3AM.


  1. Getting out of the local harbor seems to be irrelevant at times like this...hope he had enough gas to ride it out.

  2. Hi Jim, how is the situation at your place after Sandy? I saw on TV the destruction that took place in NJ and New York. Hope your are doing well, 73 Paul