Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Simple FM Transmitter

Here is a simple FM Transmitter circuit that is easy to build and loads of fun to play with.

This is a great way to get kids interested in electronics & building.
Please check with your local laws before hitting the on switch.

Have Fun!

Friday, July 4, 2014

New Velleman Scope Kits

Just wanted to pass along these two new Oscilloscope kits from Velleman Electronics.

Educational LCD Oscilloscope Electronic Kit - Build your own scope!

This is rated a Level 5 build by Velleman so previous kit experience is helpful.
Velleman# EDU-08

Oscilloscope Tutor Kit - A helpful kit to visualize the signals on your scope from different parts of the circuit.

Vellman# EDU06

A few cool kits to learn electronics.

I am getting back into the swing of things after taking some away time from the blog.
Between graduations and looking for a new car for a first time driver, things have been busy, real busy.
But its always nice to take a break every now and than.

On this cloudy July 4th here in NJ, the forecast is calling for a rainy day.
I am hoping for it to brighten up this afternoon and set up a patio station to get on the air.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Learn Electronics Online

Learn electronics on YouTube.


5 courses and 207 videos, what a goldmine of information.

Good stuff for kids & adults.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spy Camera Hacks

Here are a few nifty ideas for modifying a spy camera for security purposes.

I get a kick out of watching the spy camera videos and where they can be hidden. 

What ever happened to the days of just looking out the window to see what your neighbor is up to?

A common site just about everywhere these days. My friends next door neighbor has these installed all around her house. 

I guess the spy glasses are no big deal anymore when cameras are pointed at you in all directions wherever you go.

Big brother is watching all of us!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

New NTE Blog / Contest

There is not much going on in my world, have not powered up a radio in a few weeks. Keeping busy with work, searching for my daughters first car, and college.

Maybe when the spring season kicks in I will start setting up in the yard and play radio. In the meantime here are a few links if your interested in checking out.

NTE Electronics has a new blog up for component education and discussion.


Enter the J-Tron contest for a new ECG Soldering Iron.


With college costs right around the corner I have been looking at part time opportunities to make a few extra bucks. I found a ideal opportunity if anyone is interested in making money with the internet.

The Wealthy Affiliate offers a complete online education for making money on the net, no matter where you live. If you have any questions or need more information I would be more than happy to get your rolling.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Battery Hazards

This safety video is worth taking a look with a great tip for your used 9 volt batteries.

I keep a bag of use 9 volts but might be a good time to tape up those leads.

Today is the first day of spring.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Evening Post

A few weeks ago I picked up an old scanner, the Bearcat 4 Electra receiver.

This was manufactured in 1978, Cumberland, Indiana. First impressions was the overall weight tipping the scales at about 5 pounds with its solid case. The front panel has two knobs for volume and squelch control. A toggle type switch for scan or manual control of the individual channels. 8 LEDs with small slide switches controls which frequencies to monitor. Also a nice large oval speaker provides plenty of audio.

The view under the hood.

Taking a look inside shows a assortment of old caps, resistors, & transistors from 30 plus years ago. It already had 8 crystals loaded into the sockets for local police and fire frequencies. The antenna screws into the top and might not be making the ideal connection. With the unit turned the scanner stops at certain frequencies but audio is low. There is a plug on the back for an external antenna, I might try and maybe I can get better reception and also if it was moved out of the basement. It might be worth it to use an air spray cleaner where the antenna screws in to get a better contact and clean it up a bit. The electrolytic capacitors could sure use fresh replacements. Scanners with the moving LED's are very cool. This scanner was picked up at a great price, FREE!

I found a wonderful search engine that does not track your searches and create a file / sell your life history like a few we know...


I started using it this week. No reason every search has to be logged.
Does someone have to know where I am eating or my buying patterns.

Besides the turner for sale I have a few antenna books to be listed tomorrow, if anyone has interest.
Just doing some early spring cleanup.

Enjoy your Saturday night!