Friday, October 26, 2012


There is only one thing on every one's mind in NJ and NY since yesterday and that is Hurricane Sandy.

A few names I have heard so far, a super storm, perfect storm, and the odd name of "Frankenstorm". Whatever you want to call it this is one scary storm, due to make landfall along the Jersey shore on Monday. More than a few of these beaches are fragile already with small size beaches and homes close by. The timing of high tide and the full moon will make for some very serious water levels up and down the coast as well as inland with streams and rivers. Rain prediction is 5 - 10 inches. This area is not prepared for a category 1 storm.

Tomorrow will a major day for getting ready and putting all the yard stuff away, cleaning gutters, checking the water and battery supplies, etc, etc, and etc. The one item I do not have is a generator so unless I can borrow some power from my neighbors, I would guess power will be out for days. Might be time to invest in a generator down the road, this weather seems too be getting worse every year. I would have picked one up and as you can imagine they are all sold out. This is where my camping equipment comes in handy, sleeping bags, small stove, lights.

The Weather Channel has been a great source for information. They just said might be weeks without power, yikes. After hearing all this might load up on extra water for the family.
More updates tomorrow.

Stay safe to all my friends along the storms path and get ready.


  1. Good luck on the storm prep....looks like a bad one up your way. Let's hope it fizzles out quickly.

  2. Let's hope for a fizzle but do not think so.

    Regards - Jim