Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Indoor Activites

With the temperature staying in the teens these days, I am spending most of the time hunkered down with the heat up. I usually head outsides at night and put up my stealth magnet wire this time every year  but with the frozen snow on the ground it will have to wait.

In the mean time I found a few ideas for a compromise antenna found on the net and will post the results later in the week. QST landed in the mailbox yesterday and there are a few good articles of interest including: A Stealth Antenna for HF, A 10 Meter Beacon Transmitter, & Solar Banners - A Propagation Resource which describes what all those numbers mean. Very nice write up for new comers into the hobby.

Not sure if any of you have seen the devil baby video floating around on the net? It's pretty cool how it scares the day lights out of people but I am more interested in the electronics behind it.

I am waiting for the making of the devil baby video.
Stay warm!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Free Downloads

As of yesterday I still have not received my Dec. 2013 CQ magazine. I went to Face book to see if anyone else was looking for delivery on it seems like their was a delay in getting the December edition out.

With all the increases in postage and other costs it must be a challenge to put out a print magazine and at the end of the day make a profit. It seems like most magazines will be digital soon. I
prefer reading a paper magazine you can hold in your hands instead of off a screen. My e reader is still my computer now but might have to break down and pick up a cheap reader in the near future.

Popular Communications is offering a free download for the Nov. and Dec. 2013 editions.


Enjoy your Sunday papers and free downloads.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holiday QSL Card

Here is a perfect card for this time of year from Finland, a contact made back on Dec 30, 2011.

QSL cards are still a nice welcome surprise in the mailbox, this one was delivered right before Christmas.

New Years Day has some classics on the tube, The Honeymooner's Marathon on WPIX TV channel 11, outdoor winter hockey game this afternoon from the Big House in Michigan. Even if your not a hockey fan this one should be fun to check out, 100,000+ fans, cold, and calling for 6 inches of snow.

Also will spend time on the air and play radio maybe in between periods.
Time to break out the straight key.

Enjoy you day!