Monday, April 29, 2013

Glass Circuit Boards

This is the first time I have seen a glass circuit board and would be ideal for display purposes for your extra special circuits.

For instructions here is the link.

The board in the video has a nice clean look.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Inspiration Saturday

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Exploding Components

Here is a few cool videos of components cooking.

OK I have to admit it, I fried more than a few resistors in my day with that rather unpleasant smoky smell filling the air.

One of my better moves was on my Honda Civic at about 17 years old or so. The fuse that controls the rear lights blew, well not having a fuse handy I tried running a jumper wire across the fuse terminals, ended up melting the insulation off the wire and almost causing a fire. I might have been a few years older but 17 sounds better when you do something stupid.

It's all a learning experiance.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Evening Post

Today was a beautiful day with clear blue sky's and temps close to 60 deg F. It turned out to be a big yard clean up at my parents house which included some heavy duty raking, or at least that is what my body is telling me now. Next weekend the focus will be on my lawn for the annual spring clean up.

The SWL Post blog that I follow had a posting for a new Grundig G3 for $47.21 at Amazon. I have been looking for a small shortwave radio since last year but did not want to open my wallet and spend $80-100.00 bucks. After some quick thinking I pulled the trigger or better yet hit "add to chart button" and with free delivery the G3 is due here Monday. At the time Amazon had 11 units at this price and they sold out pretty fast, as of this morning price is now at $77.95.

The Grungid G3 is rather small portable AM/FM/Shortwave radio which includes the aircraft band, SSB, RDS, and synchronous detector. The aircraft band should be busy is my area with the NJ and NY airports close by. Plus I find myself tuning into the BBC, NPR, and local public radio for world news, lets face it the local network stations just do not cut it. Plus my curiosity comes to life when I hear a story about a small town or village a world away. Makes me realize how fortunate we are overall. This will be fun to hook up an antenna and see what this little radio can pull it. More details and a review in a few weeks.

The forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 60 degrees, might be time to break out a radio in the yard and have fun.

Inspiration Saturday

Have a nice day!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Discovery Channel TV & More.

This new show on the Discovery channel might be worth a long look.

The Big Brain Theory.

I find that most TV is just a big waste of time.
Speaking of time wasting, check out this link.

Here's a few from the list.

Number of hours per day that TV is on in an average U.S. home: 6 hours, 47 minutes.
Number of murders seen on TV by the time average child finishes elementary school: 8,000.
Number of 30 second TV commercials seen in a year by an average child: 20,000.
Number of 30 second TV commercials seen by the average person by age 65: 2 million.

Wow - Now where did I put that TV remote??