Saturday, January 26, 2013

Warmer Temps

Besides the bitter cold temperatures this past week not much going on for a late Saturday afternoon. When I mean cold were talking 10 deg. F, you learn to appreciate your car battery in the morning as it turns over and starts up. Today did reach 30 F with the sun shining so it felt nice.

Not much doing on the radio side but depending on the band conditions will try and jump on before dinner and give it my best. This week I did run a radial ground wire 16"6" feet for 20 meters that lowered my standing wave ratio to about 2.9 - 3.0 and let the turner work out the rest. Before the ground wire my SWR was way out of control.

One more ground wire for the 40 meter band is on the to do list for this week, I enjoy the novice hangout and the slower pace of CW.

Lets just say my long wire antenna is a work in progress, always tweaking.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

How to solder correctly.

Nice instructional video on basic soldering with a few good tips.
One mentioned was to clip component leads before soldering to protect joint. I always clip after, bend leads to hold item in place. Also I have never cleaned up board after job is complete.

Good stuff!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Inspirational Kids Video

This is a wonderful inspirational video to watch.
These two kids are true heroes!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Morning Coffee

Good day to all far & near, enjoy your Sunday.

Once the sky turned dark last night, I did my best 007 and put up my stealth magnet wire antenna. With one side attached to a painters pole on the far end of my small yard, other side attached near my gutter and into the window. James Bond himself would have been proud seeing me up on a ladder in the dark. Would have been interesting if my neighbors peeked out the window to see the show, if I saw someone on a ladder after dark would certainly do a double take.

So far with the new setup I have mixed results, using my Ten-Tec R4020 QRP rig and a tuner having trouble getting a decent low swr an 20 meters. Next up is attaching a small clamp to the heater pipe for a ground.

OK back to some more tweaking and hopefully some contacts later.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Batteries From Spare Change

Check out this space change battery video.
This is getting the most out of your penny!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This & That

Just a few interesting items to share.

Today was the last day for manufacturing the 75 watt light bulb per NBC news. Guess its time to get use to those LED bulbs. Pretty sure the price has come down since they first hit the store selves. As a holiday gift from a passive component company I deal with in my day job, I received two LED lights, great idea and will sure come in handy.

In the December 2012 CQ magazine, Irwin Math's column mentions years ago the tube testers available in drug stores to test your tubes and offered replacements for sale. I remember going with my father to test our tubes and purchase replacements. Thinking back times were sure much simpler, this must have been in the seventy's.

Now we are dealing with a cliff in Washington, what a mess!

CQ is a wonderful amateur radio magazine and every month always has a few good articles.

No big resolutions here, continue to try and lose a few pounds, get in better shape, and avoid stress if possible. Continue to make time for my tread mill and when it warms up walk at the local park.

Walking is great exercise that anyone can do. This past year I did many miles at the park and with the cold weather here I miss it big time.

Spend more "me" time on the radio in general and continue working low power but not always qrp, just enough to make the contact.

Last but not least, heat up the old soldering iron for more kit building fun and small project builds.