Sunday, October 14, 2012

Antenna Coupler

In my quest for a better signal and overall low SWR I decided to experiment with a simple antenna coupler.

Straight from the web pages of AA5TB's very fine site, the 40M to 17M End Fed Antenna Coupler.

A very simple to make coupler requiring only a few components. The only items I need is the polyvaricon variable capacitor and a housing case. I spent sometime going to a few garage sales yesterday looking for old transistor radios to steal the capacitor but had no luck. I have to look around my basement for an old radio. As my wife mentioned why bother going to a garage sale, just head down to the basement. I did not find any humor in that comment. Basements in general are meant to house stuff, old and new.

As for the housing I will pick up something this week. it will be interesting to see the effects of this coupler instead of a ground on my end fed.

The sun just came out and temperatures at 64 F might be a good time for a backyard DXpedition.

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