Thursday, July 29, 2010

2 Meter Listening

This morning I fired up my Icom IC-207 2M/440 radio for this first time in months. I keep in on a corner table in the office and listen in once in awhile.

My frequency of choice is simplex 146.520, not a ton of activity but different than the usually repeater chatter.

Plus in the past I have made some decent contacts on simplex.

Suppose to be a hot sticky day with some rain tonight with the weekend looking nice, beach weather for sure.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Old Mags

In the basement I keep a box or two of my old CQ, QST, and World Radio magazines. This weekend during the night time TV hours I went through a small stack of World Radios, neat to get some new ideas and read a few articles.

Came across a cool loop antenna using zip cord, going to do some more research on this one but might be on the future build list.

On the tube they are promoting the new shows for the fall season, Hawaii Five-O, Law & Order LA. When I was a kid in the summer I use to hate that because it meant school was right around the corner.

"Book'em Danno"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Heat Is On!

The 5 day forecast is calling for Hot Steamy weather. Per, here is a look at the high temps. for the next few days.

Today 102 deg. F
Wed. 97 deg. F
Thur. 91 deg. F
Fri. 92 deg. F
Sat. 88 deg. F

Listed today is a Heat Advisory, Air Quality Alert, Hazardous Weather Outlook.

Fun stuff, where is that air conditioner dial?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Stealth Antennas

Its early Friday night in NJ and I am trolling the web for ideas about putting together an stealth antenna using some magnet wire. Yes I need a life!

So far thinking of going with an inverted vee with fishing line as insulators. Magnet wire is just about invisible but not very strong. This should keep the neighbors who seem to have nothing to do at bay, not that I care, but it would be nice to operate under cover. Yes as I have mentioned before I have a small lot, only one tree by the patio that is not very big.

Back to web searching and hopefully get some wire in the air tomorrow. This should be a fun easy project. Details to follow.

Enjoy your weekend!