Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Evening Post

The transistor radio still is one of my favorites, I know there are a handful of gadgets that are smaller and sound so much better. Maybe its all those through hole components planted on the PC board when you pry open the case.  A few still have the old radio smell that's hard to describe. You can't forget the earphone that plugs into the jack for those nights listening when you were a kid and should be sound asleep. If we could only go back in time.

This article in my local newspaper brought back memories of my transistor radio days of the past.

A few transistor radio commercials and ads of the past.


Classic ads.

My first radio dxing was with a transistor radio tuning in distance stations from Canada on cold winter nights in my bedroom. Every now and then I still try and see what I can pick up across the radio dial in the car while waiting for the kids.

The Playboy centerfold of radios!

So break out that beat up AM radio from the basement, put in a fresh 9V, extend the antenna, and you might surprise yourself with a powerhouse station or two from nice distance away. Just don't skip over those far away weak stations, you never know.

Have Fun!


  1. Did he really say 42 watts on those old car radios?

    Priceless on the kid commercial.

  2. The kids commercial is great.
    Old commercials are so simple and everyone is wearing clothes.