Monday, May 13, 2013

Internet Issues

A few weeks ago ran into major Internet problems with Verizon Fios, for a good 7 days my speed slowed to a crawl. I was barely able to stay connected, reminded me of the dial up days with AOL.

It all started when I could no longer send email with small pdf attachments. After six hours spent over two days with tech help online, 4 more hours with a tech at my location, problem was internal at one of the switching offices and a computer board. Verizon Fios provided wonderful service but I could not stay disconnected from the Internet any longer for work purposes so made the switch to Optimum Online.

I made the Optimum appointment with a sales guy who showed up at my house ASAP at 8:00PM that night with a handful of offers. As it turns out Fios called next day and got speeds back to normal but I did not want to cancel cable considering I called salesman direct.

Fios offers a faster speed with fiber but so far Optimum is holding its own in the house for streaming and my sons gaming.


  1. It's great that you had such good support I have had issues with the internet speed up this support just wants to find what could be an issue with our own equipment. Once that happens the call come to a very fast end! I then have to prove it is not at my end and it sometimes is like a cat chasing it's tail. Then to boot the call centre is in India and it's very very hard to understand them. It also sounds they are just going through a routine over the phone and it sounds very scripted.

  2. Hi Mike,
    It was the usual call to eliminate everything including a new Verizon box outside the house and terminal connections inside. But when they called and said fixed at outside office and still had slow speeds it was time to make the switch. I know what you mean with the scripted part.