Friday, May 31, 2013

Beach Day

With the temps nearing 90 F, today would be the perfect day to spend on the beach but unfortunately I am stuck in the office. So the next best thing to tease me is the live video feed from Seaside Heights.

As of 9AM the beach is starting to fill up. This is where the new broadwalk has been rebuilt from last years storm.

Back to work!


  1. Good Monday morning Jim, well it's funny how the weather changes....on the weekend it was beach weather but today it's jacket weather with temps last night down to 4C.....burrrr

  2. The weather and storms in general seem much more intense these days across the US. The recent tornadoes are just terrible.

  3. Hello Jim,

    I'm glad to see the new boardwalk. Let's hope mother nature decides to head another direction with upcoming hurricane season.

  4. Let's hope for a better storm direction on the next go around. 10 days without power starts to take its toll on the family even with a borrowed generator.