Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer Winds Down

As the hot summer of 2010 comes to an end, looking forward to the cooler temps in the fall. The leaves are just starting to turn and I see the squirrels are hard at work collecting acorns. You just can't beat the cooler days and crisp nights for sleeping.

It seems like I did not do many projects this summer being just so hot outdoors. In the next few weeks I want to get out for some radio adventure, a few cool operating spots are on my radar. Going to put off starting any kit builds until the cold season is here, but gathering up the components in the meantime.

Hoping for a nice fall season for all!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Old Tyme Ads

Here's a classic ad from the the back pages of 101 Electronic Projects, 1973.

A Progressive Home Radio T.V. Course. Build 20 Radio and Electronic Circuits.

A couple of cool AD notes:

Sold in 79 Countries
Free Set of Tools
No Salesman will call
No price in ad
Free literature

Speaking of TV repair, used to be two shops in my area that did repairs, yes now out of business.

Kid Flashback: I remember growing up and the RCA repairman coming to the house to fix our living room TV.

Color TVs were big back than, channels were 2 WCBS, 4 WNBC, 5 WNEW, 7 WABC, 9 WWOR, 11 WPIX, and 13 PBS.

Now with hundreds of channels available and still nothing on.
TVs are HD with 3D starting to hit the store self's.

I still like my standard color set.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jersey Shore

Spent the last few days at the Jersey shore with the family for the annual end of summer getaway.

Hurricane Earl went by with some mighty strong winds which made for a wicked undertow in the Atlantic, which kept us out of the water until Saturday. It also put a damper on my bay kayak trip, the wind was not fun on the water.

We did spend a wonderful afternoon at Island Beach State Park. The day before the storm it was a beautiful sunny day and the beaches were just about empty with the storm on its way.

My only regret is I did not bring a radio with me, a deserted beach would have been a blast to go on the air with the ocean view in front of me.

I still have the fall season for another trip or two for some beach portable.