Saturday, September 18, 2010

Old Tyme Ads

Here's a classic ad from the the back pages of 101 Electronic Projects, 1973.

A Progressive Home Radio T.V. Course. Build 20 Radio and Electronic Circuits.

A couple of cool AD notes:

Sold in 79 Countries
Free Set of Tools
No Salesman will call
No price in ad
Free literature

Speaking of TV repair, used to be two shops in my area that did repairs, yes now out of business.

Kid Flashback: I remember growing up and the RCA repairman coming to the house to fix our living room TV.

Color TVs were big back than, channels were 2 WCBS, 4 WNBC, 5 WNEW, 7 WABC, 9 WWOR, 11 WPIX, and 13 PBS.

Now with hundreds of channels available and still nothing on.
TVs are HD with 3D starting to hit the store self's.

I still like my standard color set.


  1. Fascinating old ad. Memories about TV, well we still had black&white TV when everyone else had color TV. Those were the old ones with tubes. You had to wait till the tubes were hot for about 15 minutes.Then if you still didn't have a picture we just tapped on it till we had. And there were only 2 channels that time, NL1 and NL2. These days you better buy a new TV when the old one is broken and the number of channels is unlimited. Still I'm absolutely not interested in TV, I got one because the XYL likes it. 73, Bas

  2. Hi,

    Life was simple then with just a few channels. Now with all the choices and 90% are a waste of time.

    Regards - Jim W2KLM

  3. I had one of those progressive edu-kits when I was about 12. I begged and begged my dad, he eventually split the cost with me.

    It was an interesting thing, tubes in the 70s, used a resistive wire in the line cord to run the tube filaments (no transformer!) I will say it was pretty dated by the time I got one.

    You built 20 circuits using the same components over and over again. Each circuit had a theory of operation. The last circuit was a signal injector, if I recall correctly, and it was built on a PC board.

    It was pretty educational and entertaining for a 12-year old.

    What was really cool was the "Science Fair" 100-in-1 Electronic Project Kit:

    That brings back memories!

  4. Hi Jeff,

    That must have been a cool kit for a 12 year old. I have one of those 100-in-1 project kits, fun stuff to play with at any age.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.

    Have A Nice weekend!
    Jim - W2KLM

  5. Hi Jeff,
    I wonder if the magazine in which the add appears is the same magazine I had as a boy. It had a particularly good article in it about building a crystal radio using an Oatmeal box.
    I would appreciate it if you could let me know!
    Randy S.
    Spokane, Washington USA