Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot Week!

This week will be a good test for the air conditioners with the temps in the ninety degrees range and hearing on Wednesday 95 F. This is a good time to hide indoors and stay cool.

For the past two Saturdays I have been volunteering with my son on a field clean up and an event for physically challenged kids. The event was a wonderful experience and the kids had a ball. It was fun to help out will be back next year.

Sunday took off for a few hours of fly fishing and trail hiking. Caught one rock bass, it was nice to be by the waters edge and get away for some quiet time. In the afternoon I set up the Buddipole in the yard and checked out 40 meters with the Ten-Tec R4020 QRP rig. Not one contact in my limited time operating in the shade but always nice cruising the bands checking out the conditions.

Stay cool everyone!


  1. Good evening Jim, it sure is a hot week up this way today with the humidity it was 40C!! After working outside at work all day don't feel to much like radio in the evening.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I agree the heat takes its toll and do not feel like
    doing anything. Drink plenty of water!