Wednesday, February 27, 2013

QRP Book Video Review

Check this wonderful video review of 15 QRP books by Peter Parker, VK3YE.

I own a few of the titles mentioned and always on the lookout for others if the price is right. A few of the asking prices are way out of my reach, see below.

For instance:

Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur by Wes Hayward and Doug DeMaw is priced between $91.00 used or $300.00 new on Amazon. But you can pick up a new copy of Experimental Methods in RF Design for $30 and change, also at Amazon. The ARRL store price is $49.95.

Pays to shop around and save a few buck$.


  1. Hi Jim, thanks for the video. last year I downloaded some ham books for free as PDF file. I can read them now on my iPad. Downloading for own use is not prohibited in the Netherlands. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul,
    It is wonderful the amount of free info and reading available on the web for ham radio in general. I prefer the older material because of the history behind it, old circuits, etc.
    Regards - Jim