Sunday, February 3, 2013

Casting My Signal

Spent a nice relaxing afternoon in the family playroom with the Ten-Tec R4020 2 band QRP transceiver. Lots of listening to stations but no contacts, yet.

QRP radio remains me of a certain type of fishing. Certainly not bait fishing, that is to easy, I am talking fly fishing, which I enjoy in the warmer months. When you hook a fish on a fly its a wonderful feeling. Any fly fishers out there know exactly what I mean.

My guess is catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself on the vise is just like making a QRP contact with a home brewed rig. Almost had a nice catch I mean contact on 14.060 but another station powered in.

Still have some time to night to listen in and have some fun.

Big Superbowl night so I will tune in and see if its a close game, not a big football fan.

Enjoy your game wings!


  1. Hi Jim, I stopped calling CQ on QRP frequencies. Now I search for stations with S8 to S9 and just call them. More change to catch a station. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul,

    I have to remember that, start by sending CQ by QRP hangouts, tonight will look for the stronger stations.