Monday, February 27, 2012

Hack a Day

Here's a very cool site for all your hacking fun and ideas.

Hack a Day

Nice Monday reading material.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

State Park Saturday

Had some free time Saturday afternoon to play radio so I grabbed my nap shack, hamstick, and battery and went to Shepherd Lake, which is part of Ringwood State Park in NJ.

After a quick walk by the water and a few photos I set up my car station on 20 meters SSB. Only had two contacts in my hours time before a slight drizzle of rain started.

Nice & quiet
First contact was a special event station in Germany, DM800ANH. It took me about 5 minutes of listening before I got the call correct. (I was not the only one) Next was a group of guys in Wisconsin on the air in a house rotating operators, drinking beer, eating and telling stories. Sounds like they had a great time for all. The call was WB9AZA. They plan on doing this once a year. I can't wait to see that qsl card.

View from the car
The good thing about going to the State Parks this time of year is the cost, free or a low admission to get in off season and less people around in general. I am a member of the parks on the air Yahoo group so my next trip I will work on the 5 plus contacts necessary to activate a park, should be fun.
Bear Country...Yikes!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Indoor Dipole

I was experimenting this afternoon with an indoor dipole made last weekend for 10 meters. This was hung up in the upstairs bedroom of my cape, no attic available but up a decent height on the second story.

So far no contacts for the half hour attempt calling cq with 10 watts SSB. Overall the band seem quite except for 1 or 2 stations. This set up will need some more time before I am satisfied. I also have the option for a indoor Buddi-pole but the reviews are mixed on the Yahoo board, but that will not discourage me from trying it out next weekend.

The outside temps in NJ were at a high of 28 F with a biting wind, so today turned out to be a lazy Sunday.

Anybody have any favorite indoor antennas home brewed they wish to share please let me know. Commercial antennas are an option if the price is right.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Outdoor Pictures

Small Stream
My view on the hill

Cold winter Sunday afternoon

A few deer on the way home
Photos from last weeks adventure in New York.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Education Links # 2

IX. Logic, Words, & MemoryX. Languages
XI. Music
XII. History
XIII. Business, Finance, & Investing
XIV. Food, Nutrition, & Cooking
XV. Survival Tips
XVI. Other

Mind Tools - Memory improvement techniques

The Nizkor Project - List of logical fallacies

Wikipedia's List of Logical Fallacies

Wikipedia's List of Figures of Speech

Tool Kit for Rhetorical Analysis

KnoWord - Expand your vocabulary - Learn new words & explore language

Brain Workshop - A Dual N-Back Game

Argument Mapping Tutorials

Philosophy Bites - Podcasts of top philsophers

X. LANGUAGESBasic Composition - Reading & Writing

BBC Languages - Beginner courses in multiple languages

Foreign Service Institute Language Courses

Language Guide - Foreign language vocabulary, grammar, & readings

eLanguage School - Free foreign language lessons online

Free Online Language Courses via

DuoLingo - Learn a language for free & simultaneously translate the web

Babel Nation - Learning languages online for free

Transparent Language - Language learning software & resources in over 100 languages

Survival Phrases - Learn essential travel phrases, tips, and insights

Talk to Me in Korean

Chinese Toolbox - Software for learning Chinese through reading

LiveMocha - World's largest language learning community

American Sign Language (ASL) University

Handspeak - Sign language

Signing Savvy - Your sign language resource

XI. MUSICMusic Theory - Lessons, exercises, & tools

Ear Training & Music Theory Software

Basic Music Theory Music Education - Music theory

Teoria - Music Theory Web

Ultimate Guitar - Lessons, techniques, & styles

Justin Guitar - The best guitar instruction on the web

Chorder - Chord fingering and guitar resources

Funk University - Assembly of Music's Finest

Play Bass Now - Lessons, licks, and low notes

How to Play Piano

XII. HISTORYTeacher Resources - Western Civilization (52 half-hour video programs)

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Timeline of Art History


Google Advisor

Google Finance

MarketWatch by WSJ

Main Street - Business & financial headlines & advice


Jamie's Home Cooking Skills

Chef Todd Mohr's Web Cooking Classes (YouTube)

Nutrition Data - Self nutrition data; know what you eat - Smart nutrition & practical tips

Choose My Plate via USDA

The World's Healthiest Foods

Calorie King

Start Making Choices - Simple ideas for living healthier on a budget

Eat Right Nutrition Tips

XV. SURVIVAL TIPSOff Grid Survival - Wilderness and urban survival skills

Backwoods Magazine - Self reliance and self sufficiency

Survival Topics - Your online survival kit

Wilderness Survival - Free info covering all aspects of survival

Discovery's Worst-Case Scenario Video Clips

XVI. OTHERAdvanced Yoga Practices - Directory for Main Lessons

Creative Live - A live, worldwide creative classroom