Sunday, February 12, 2012

Indoor Dipole

I was experimenting this afternoon with an indoor dipole made last weekend for 10 meters. This was hung up in the upstairs bedroom of my cape, no attic available but up a decent height on the second story.

So far no contacts for the half hour attempt calling cq with 10 watts SSB. Overall the band seem quite except for 1 or 2 stations. This set up will need some more time before I am satisfied. I also have the option for a indoor Buddi-pole but the reviews are mixed on the Yahoo board, but that will not discourage me from trying it out next weekend.

The outside temps in NJ were at a high of 28 F with a biting wind, so today turned out to be a lazy Sunday.

Anybody have any favorite indoor antennas home brewed they wish to share please let me know. Commercial antennas are an option if the price is right.


  1. Hi Jim, I pondering about a good indoor antenna. I tried a magnetic loop on the first floor in the living, but I was disappointed. Best thing is a dipole in the attic. No concrete walls and wooden roof. But my daughter still has her bedroom in the attic. So I'll have to wait she's leaving home in about... 5 years or so? Until that I use my outdoor antennas. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Jim,

    I've been having good luck with both 10 and 15 meter dipoles (when the bands are up). I stretch them between the door facings in an upstairs area. Put them up and take them down in just a few minutes. They work very well for me.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Same here, kids have upstairs rooms so I set up when not home.
    Regards - Jim

  4. Hi John,
    I tried 10 and will make a 15 meter diploe this week.
    Regards - Jim