Monday, December 26, 2011

Google Plus

Over the past few weeks I have been on Google Plus playing around with the various features, so far I am a very happy camper.

Sure most have accounts set up on Face book but with Google Plus I feel it offers much more rich content and a great way to make new friends. Face book seems to be a gathering of old friends and some of the posts are unnecessary. I especially like creating different groups, QRP, electronics, family, following, etc. that I can post to.

There is always fresh posts by hitting the What's Hot button on your home page. If your into photography some of the pictures posted are amazing. There also is a group of hams and QRpers on board posting away.

If you decide to sign up and join the fun be sure to grab a vanity address at the Google Plus toolbox.

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  1. Good evening Jim, I have not really heard of Google Plus but then when I mentioned it to my wife I was told I tried to sign up at one time......getting old I guess. I am going to get it a go again.

  2. If you get on be sure to look me up.

    Best 73's