Saturday, December 31, 2011

Afternoon Car Portable

With the temps edging near the 50 F mark yesterday afternoon spent an hour or so at the Fort Lee Historic Park in NJ high on the cliffs overlooking the Hudson River.

After a walk to check out the views and a few photos I set up shop in the car with the FT-857D, portable battery, and a 20 meter ham stick on the roof.

Had a wonderful conversation with a ham who lives in the Sunshine State of Fla. in the winter, Queens, NY in the summer months. His antenna was a wire attached to a palm tree, a stealth type set up, very cool.

My last contact was to the Ar tic Circle, OH9SCL, cranked up the juice for this one to break into the mix of other stations calling. That ham stick on the roof did it's job, for the price you can't beat it.

Circle Line tour boat.
View from the car.
Overall a nice afternoon on a fairly warm end of December, I will take it. The Fort Lee park is relatively quiet this time of year, the views are stunning. I have operated before here and its one of my favorites.


  1. A wonderful way to spend a day.

    I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge a few years ago. Hope to do it again sometime...

    Great post!

  2. Hi - Maybe next time I will walk the G.W., that would be neat.
    Best Regards - Jim

  3. Very nice shots and looked like a great day. We had snow and very cold temps up this way. Always nice to get out and do some portable op's.