Friday, August 19, 2011

Heathkit Is Back In The Kit Business!

One of my friends mentioned Heathkit is getting back into the kit business. Being a fan of Heathkit I went to the website and read the good news.
The first kit will be a Garage Parking Assistant with other Do-It-Yourself kits coming soon. Heathkit is interested in learning what types of products kit builders would like to build? They are asking for kit builders to submit their suggestions.
It would be great to see some qrp kits!
On the weather front it is black outside with storms due to hit any minute. Looks like no radio tonight.
Enjoy your Friday night.


  1. Hi,

    That is good news, only hope the kit sales take off. This is not the 1970 - 1980 anymore.
    Best Regards - Jim

  2. Hi Jim, in the seventies I was in love with a Heathkit 20 m mono band transceiver 25 Watt SSB. Nice stuff. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul,
    Would be great if they came back strong with the yellow books of course.
    Best Regards - Jim