Thursday, August 18, 2011

Future Hikes

A few weeks ago I did some fishing in a local stream here in New Jersey and was checking out a potential spot for some portable radio activity.

The only issue was the snake warning signs made me think twice. This particular hike might have to wait until the cold weather is here and everyone is tucked in for the winter.

Besides the snakes you have to keep an eye out for the black bears. I could see myself calling cq and hearing a rattle close by.

That might be an issue I would rather not deal with.


  1. The "snake sign" reminds me of an incident with our local hiking club. We stumbled onto a big "rattler" on the trail. About a dozen of us gave him adequate space, and respect, as we cautiously walked around him. He harmlessly meandered along afterwards, and no harm was done to anyone.

    There are many more people struck by lightening a year than bitten by a snake. And very few fatalities....

    MOST snake bites are caused by those "messing" with the snake. They will avoid humans at all costs in the natural world.

    Just don't "step" on one or antagonize it.

  2. The don't "Step" on one part concerns me the most! Jim