Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WorldRadio Online

On my face book page I am a fan of CQ magazine and received a posting that the August edition of WorldRadio Online is up and ready for downloading.

I use to be a subscriber of the print edition, it was always rolled up in my back pocket when I took my kids to martial arts classes. Now I try and read it every month when I remember to go to the website.

Two articles of interest caught my eye this month,

Trial-Friendly Radio: Adventure in the Colorado Rockies. I always enjoy QRP outdoor adventures.
A nice Morse code write up and the Novice 40 meter band.

A must read every month is the Aerials section by Kurt N. Sterba, always keeping them honest.

Be sure to check out WorldRadio Online and support the advertisers.

Can't beat a Free Amateur Radio magazine but I still miss the printed copy to carry around.

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