Friday, July 8, 2011

Memories of W.P.I.X in NY

Here is a wonderful video I came across, Memories of W.P.I.X channel 11 in New York.

No matter where you live I am sure you have seen these classics.

Compared to what is on the tube these days, I will take the reruns any day.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Oh my ! Jackie Gleason, Perry Mason, et al. Thanks for the memories. And the WPIX local presenters. As a former uptown NYC resident and Fordham grad, I remember them well.

    73 N2UGB/F4WBD

  2. Wow...what a fantastic video. The "Little Rascals" were my favorite!

  3. Hi Jim , thanks for this wonderful video, I am drowning in my nostalgia. Have nice weekend too. 73 Paul

  4. Hi,

    Gotta love the Honeymooners!!!

    Best Regards - Jim

  5. The Little Rascals were one of my favorites.

    Regards - Jim