Sunday, May 22, 2011

SMT - Training Course

It was a nice day to start a new kit on a overcast damp cloudy Sunday afternoon.

Finally got up the courage to do surface mount soldering with the Elenco SMT - Training Course Model SM-200K. The kit when complete will be a decision maker with 6 LED's, switch, and buzzer mounter on a board. This is more of a fun build but looking forward to working with these small SMT devices and I mean tiny.

For this project I broke out and mounted the magnifier with a built in light on my desk and the eye glasses were an absolute must. For starters the kit includes six 0 Ohm resistors and a dummy spot on the PC boards for practice. In my usual slow pace I soldered on the chip resistors and capacitors carefully inspecting each under the magnifier. Two of the caps a .0039uF and a 0.15uF seemed extra small, if you drop one of theses on the floor good luck.

Within the next few days I will tackle the two electrolytic caps, and the semis. The two cups of coffee did not help the steadiness of the hands one bit.

It's fun working with the little parts.

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