Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clean Up Clean Up...

Everybody do you share. I remember that song from years ago watching Barney that purple dinosaur on TV with my kids.

New basements windows are on order which means I am in the process of cleaning out my valuable items / stuff, never junk for the installer in a few weeks. Well that means all my radio and building items put away in plastic boxes I picked up at Lowe's this afternoon.

When the job is complete I am thinking of just leaving all the tools, meters, etc. in the boxes and take them out as needed, appearance is so much neater. Only problem is my radio cables are coming into bottom sill with two holes drilled, any new ideas are more than welcome regarding running cables into house and keeping the wife happy?

Time to check out my antenna books for a few ideas.


  1. I use a Comet CTC-50M Window Gap Jumper. Look up the description on the Comet site. No holes! Allows me to pass coax through a pop-up window at French QTH. Rated at 100 watts HF PEP. 73 Rich

  2. Hi Dick,
    I will check it out, windows might be sliders.
    Regards, Jim

  3. Hi Jim,

    I drilled 3 holes in a small window sill. It's a small window and when I ever will stop, then the window is easily replaced.

    73 Paul