Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Technology

A few weeks ago I put a bid on an eBay item and picked up a nice hardcover 1989 ARRL Handbook at a good price.

Yes very old technology on two fronts, the circuits are easy to follow but outdated by today's standard and the way things are going with E readers who knows about the future of a book as we know it.

I also enjoy holding a good book or newspaper in my hand instead reading off the screen. Getting back to my purchase the 1989 handbook is ten times easier to follow than my 2005 edition. Most of the circuits and descriptions seem simple. Hardest part might be crossing some of the older parts but with sites like NTE Electronics that should not be a problem. Sometimes the challenge of the drop in cross and getting to it work is the most fun part of the build.

Check out NTE for older and obsolete part crosses and replacements.

Have to admit not much building or radio fun with the holiday season and work stuff but will have some down time next week to play.

Today's the first day of winter, enjoy the season.

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  1. Hi Jim, fun to see how it was. I have old stuff with tubes. Hi. I understand the principle s of the new electronics, but I can't build them anymore. Too small for my eyes and hands. Have a good holiday season. 73 Paul