Monday, December 6, 2010

Mighty Mite

In the process of getting the parts for my next project, the Mighty Mite build.

This circuit is from the pages of W1FB's QRP Notebook, page 111. The Mighty Mite consists of one transistor and a handful of parts, output power is a whopping 30mW, QRPp. Taking a look over the parts list, most are common items I should have except for the miniature RF Choke, Mouser/Xicon# 43LR225 which is obsolete. There should be a drop in replacement available from Xicon.

The plan is to try and keep all parts as close to original parts list, just for history of Doug DeMaw's Mighty Mite. I did an online search and found a few different varieties of this circuit. Also need to pick up a few crystals if anyone has a favorite source please let me know.

Updates on this build will be posted in a week or so depending on time with the busy holiday season fast approaching.


  1. Hi Jim, a nice little project, for a great little qrp rig. Today I sounded like QRO said someone in Asiatic Russia today. So I must try 50 milliwatts next time. ;-) 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul,

    It is a simple little rig to play around with.
    Not many parts for me to mess it up but I am sure I will somehow.

    Best Regards - Jim