Sunday, February 14, 2010

Portable Ideas

On a cold snow covered Sunday afternoon in February, I am started to put together some ideas for future portable radio fun. My state of New Jersey and the surrounding areas have the Ramapo Mountains to the north and the Jersey Shore to the south. I admit having a pair or ear buds working CW in the woods could be cool, but not to fond of the bears. The beach and back bays are also a possibility.

Without spending any additional cash the only purchase would be for a battery and charger. My radio is a Yaesu 857D and antenna is a Buddipole, if I set up in close distance to the car this will work. I could also put together an end fed or crappie pole with zip cord for hiking. Power levels would be qrp to save on the battery and for the challenge of it all. The 817ND sounds perfect but will see how cash flow looks as the weather gets warmer.

Would also have to pick up a backpack to cart my goodies around. I love watching the videos on the net showing the portable qrp fun. I want to get in on that.

This is work in progress so please feel free send me your ideas.


  1. Hello Jim, nice picture! Yes, I long for higher temperatures and springtime. For holidays I take the F817 with me and a straight key. Still we have snow here since Christmas... 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul,

    More snow due here tonight into the morning, 1-3 inches. Wonderful!
    Regards - Jim