Sunday, February 21, 2010

Around The Dial

Just spending the afternoon cruising the bands in search for QRP SSB action. I tried breaking into a few dx pile ups with my small 10W signal, no luck. A few stations run serious power, one guy was cranking out a kilowatt and said it was setting off the alarms in his house. Wonder what the neighbors are saying if he is coming over the TV. I have nothing against power but sometimes its over done.

I decided to park it on the QRP calling frequencies and see what happens. The beverage of choice is an Amstel Light, the weekend wrap up beer. I am thinking about running a cable upstairs and setting up an 857D in the family room and watching some Olympic hockey, tonight is USA vs Canada, should be good.

Now if I can only just make a few contacts, I would be set.


  1. Hello Jim, I do have a FT-450 (100 watt is possible) but the rig is most of the time kept on 5 watt standard. Even 10 watt is too much for me. Hi. Yesterday I worked a lot of USA stations on 15 meter CW with 5 watt. We QRP need the higher bands for DX. On 20 meter it was very difficult to work stateside, finally only 1 QSO. In the beginning of a contest it's hard to come through as a QRP-er, but at the end they search hard and listen better for a few stations more, that's the moment I came in. I saw that USA won the ice hockey battle. Congrats! 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul,

    Nice job on the CW contacts. My CW is always a work in progress type of thing. Sending is decent, copying is another story.
    Regards - Jim