Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

Now that the colder weather is on its way time to start thinking about a few indoor projects.

I was going through a box of old QST mags in the basement and came across two that caught my eye. The September 2000 has a review of the MFJ QRP-Cub Transceiver. The ARRL has a special bundle pack which includes the Low Power Communications book with the 40-Meter CW Cub Transceiver kit for $99.00. The idea of a small radio, wire antenna, battery, and key in a backpack sounds pretty cool.

Another article that I came across was in the July 2001 QST, a home brew Miracle Whip. I know this has been described as a dummy load but I have read a few interesting positive things about this whip. The bands have not exactly been on fire these days but it would be neat to play around with this on low power.

Tonight I plan on reading a few of the articles and see what I am in store for.

On the radio front will try my hand on CW tomorrow afternoon and maybe fire up the soldering iron.

This week I saw a flock of birds heading south, won't be long now. Burr.

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