Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Circuitbuilding For Dummies

I picked up Circuitbuilding For Dummies by H. Ward Silver at my local Library a few weeks ago. Overall a very useful book for the beginner or seasoned builder. This is the type of book where everytime you read it will pick up something new.

Table of Contents:
The Toolbox:
Basic tools, solderless breadboards, software tools.

Basic Techniques:
Metalworking, soldering, reading schematics.

Using a Solder less Breadboard:
Breadboarding an Audio Amplifier and Digital Timer.

Building a Printed Circuit Board:
Covers through-hole and surface mount boards.

Building a Prototype:
Building and constructing an audio level controller, audible alarm, and regulator.

Building from a Published Schematic:
Good info on Dead-Bug, Manhattan, and wire-wrap building.

Terminals and Connectors:
Crimp terminals, tools, and correct installation advise.

Wiring for Wireless Radio:
Covers coaxial connectors, type F, UHF, and BNC connectors.

Mastering Power:
Covers AC switches, fuseholders, and plugs.
Audio and Sensitive Connections:
Installing phono plugs and microphone connectors.

Meet the Test Equipment:
Voltmeters, testers, probes, scopes, all the good stuff.

Measurements That Test Your Circuit and Projects:
Ohm's Law, checking and testing transistors, measuring voltage, current, and resistance.

Who Let the Smoke Out?:
Trouble shooting and debugging basics. Diagnosing audio problems.

Maintaining Your Cool Stuff:
Maintaining your electronic equipment.

Getting a Charge Out of Batteries:
A overall good write up on battery basics.

Electronics in Motion:
All about mobile installations.

Getting Rid of Interference and Noise:
Dealing with interference and installing high-pass filters and chokes.

Ten Circuitbuilding Secrets:
A nice list of helpful ideas.

Ten Circuit First-Aid Techniques and Supplies:
Great hints and tips for the builder.

Tons more useful stuff in every chapter, I even like the listing to a distributor for hard to find items. In a future write up I add to the list of where to go for the hard to find stuff.

This is a great book to keep on the shelf within easy reach when working on a project and need to a quick refresher on using a scope or new idea. I plan to pick up a copy soon since I had to return this one.

Cuicuitbuilding For Dummies is a keeper.

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