Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Magic Message Kit

Velleman Magic Message #MK155

Street Price: $12.95 USD"

Wave the wand to make the message appear, looks like it is floating in the air. This is a small compact circuit built on a pc board that fits into a handheld wand.

"Notes: Easy to build and solder with simple part placement. Just be careful with LED's, try to keep them same height on board. Best bet is to place the first LED on board and bend leads on underside of pc board. Before soldering play it safe and size up LED with cover to make sure it is at proper height and fits in cover hole. This small move saves time and desoldering efforts later. Other than that kit assembly is pretty straight forward and simple.

Circuit details: The circuit is built around the PIC18C505-20/P IC which is inserted into a socket. Six limit resistors are for the six high intensity red LED's. Circuit has a roll ball switch that get triggered when you wave the wand. Two "AAA" batteries are needed to power the circuit.

Smoke Test: None.

Takes a few minutes getting the hang of waving your forearm slowly and getting the message readable, a dark area works best.

A cool kit to play around with, I like circuits with LED's.

The Magic Message worked the first time!

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