Monday, November 18, 2013

Rotary Phones....

50 years ago today the Bell System in the U.S. introduced dual tone multi-frequency technology which ended up replacing the rotary dial phone with the push button.

These old videos are classics!
I still remember the big dial of the rotary with the slow spin when calling my friends. The worst is when you dialed the wrong number and had to start all over. Who can't forget the old fashion bell ringing when a call came in. No music playing like today's cell phones just a serious ring. Simple times!
Here's a clip from 1963 Worlds Fair. 
We hit the big time when my father installed the push button phone attached to the  kitchen wall.
On a side note: Hope everyone is OK with those big storms in the mid-west yesterday, scary.


  1. I remember the even earlier telephone illustrated. The one with no dial. My parents had a party-line. There was an alive and breathing operator at the main switchboard who asked "number please". Of course provided the other party-line subscribers were not heard chatting when the receiver was first lifted. I seem to recall we having a 3-digit phone number.

    No marketing calls at any time of day! Bliss!

  2. Hi Dick,
    A 3 digit number, wow, surprised we did not run out of numbers by now.