Sunday, September 22, 2013

Maker Faire Review

We had a wonderful time at the NY Maker Faire yesterday!

A slight mist of rain but than the sky cleared with a bright sunshine.

Tons of electronics & kids which was very nice to see. The learn to solder booth was packed & had a waiting line to get in. Kids of all ages building and many hands on type projects for all.


Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits were hot.
The Mentos guys and the soda bottles was a must see.
3D printers were cool to see in operation.
The life size mousetrap drew a big crowd.
Tons of small vendors.
I did see 2-3 amateur radio displays, even a tuna tin qrp rig.
Robots seemed to be everywhere.
A free hugs robot, can't beat that.

Check out the live cam:

Next year I have to go for two days to see everything.

Mentos guys

Drone overhead

If there is a Maker Faire in your area be sure to check it out.

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