Sunday, June 23, 2013

Building From Schematic Diagrams.

This wonderful video from Peter Parker, VK3YE, describes tips on building electronics from schematic diagrams.

One of you favorites tips was cutting the circuit board into squares using a hack saw. This looks like an easy way to place and solder your components leads while keeping an overall neat appearance and for troubleshooting, which I somehow always have to do.

Also note the simple oscillator schematic with a handful of components. This will be my next project since I probably have the component values or similar.

I currently do not belong to any clubs so did not participate in any field day activities.
So after a morning bike ride caught up on my reading in the yard.

The heat was on this afternoon!

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  1. Good evening Jim, I too am not a member of any club...not sure why but I'm not. I did take part in the field day, I took my KX3 and went to a local park and put in several hours in the contest. This was my first Field day contest and I had a blast.