Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Evening Post

I have always been a big fan of scanner listening since my first handheld with four plug in crystals back in high school.

This required going to Radio Shack with your list of local frequencies and the counter person would pull them out from behind the counter. Can you image the blank stare you would get now if you asked for a certain crystal? I ended up selling it but now wish I didn't, moved up to a Fox desktop model programmable which was decent but not great. I finally graduated to a Uniden BC 200XLT that I still have, just in need of another battery.

If you want to get into the action and do not have a scanner just click on the following link for online listening across the United States.

This site includes police, fire, airports, repeaters, etc. So far I have been listening to the police in Newark, NJ, Essex County, not a nice area to say this least, just heard a call for gun shots.

A good bet would also be New York City considering the amount of nonsense going on. Yesterday at the Empire State Building was a good example of another person snapping, seems like this is happening more. Maybe you have some favorites you would like to share? Scanner listening is like watching the FOX TV show cops but you hear the action live from the safety of your own home.

On a sad note Neil Armstrong passed away today at 82 years old. The first man on the moon.

A true hero!


  1. Hi Jim, I did the same a long time ago. I was listening to almost everything that was on air. ;-) Now Police, paramedics and the Fire brigade In the Netherlands is transmitting with a digital system and can't be followed on air anymore. So VHF and UHF is very quite out here. Sorry to hear about Neil Armstrong. A real pioneer. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul,
    Also the police are using cell phones for certain calls.
    Best Regards - Jim