Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The magnetic loop antenna has always fascinated me with its small stealth appearance. I have been doing some homework on adding a loop to my assortment of antennas. Plus it would fit in with my small lot in NJ.
The easy way is to purchase one but that comes with a rather large price tag which I would rather not do at this time. The MFJ 1788 Hi Q Loop is $469.00 or the Alex Loop with shipping is $266.00. I have read very good reviews on both.

Which leaves me option B, pick up a capacitor, copper pipe/tubing and make my own. Plenty of information on the web to get me started, if I finish with a working antenna is another story. This will be an interesting warm weather project.

Years ago I picked up a 2M loop for SSB for around $79.00, still have it and works well.

In the meantime here are a few interesting loop links for your reading pleasure.

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