Monday, January 2, 2012

Future Stuff

Now that all the holiday running around is over my attention turns to the new year and getting settled in for the cold winter months ahead, heating up the soldering iron on component leads and PC boards.

Winter is the perfect time for building kits and playing around with components especially when the freezing temps and bone chilling winds are blowing outside. I have a few kit ideas on deck to break in 2012.

Plus this year I want to find the time for more operating from the great outdoors whether its sitting in the car somewhere memorable or walking in the woods. It's always fun when your out of your normal element, certain changes are needed on the fly. This time of the year the local parks are empty, less hassle and questions. Operating out of the car is simple, find a cool spot with a view, just slap a ham stick on the roof and your good to go. Very easy and lots of fun.

Yesterday turned out to be a lazy day watching an all time classic on WPIX channel 11, The Honeymooner's marathon. Nothing beats new years day with Jackie Gleason on the tube.

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