Friday, October 22, 2010


My November 2010 QST just landed in the mailbox with an intro article "Find the Right Path with WSPR".

I am looking forward to trying out this new mode, been reading about it on the other blogs for sometime now.

Its always great to get some new reading material heading into the weekend!

Happy Friday!


  1. Hello Jim, WSPR is a nice mode for QRP and weak signals. I let WSPR meanwhile doing other things. No pile ups, no strange behavior, just decoding signals from the noise. Tonight I was WSPR-ing on 502.4 KHz and heard G3XBM with 3 milliwatt over 302 km. That is really fun. Have a nice weekend, Paul

  2. Hi Paul,

    I found out my laptop needs a new connector in back for charging. Will have to stick with CW/SSB for now, I could use the CW practice.
    Enjoy your weekend!