Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crystal Radio Fun

It was a very windy cold day in NJ for this time of year in May, spent most of the afternoon cleaning up the garage. This evening I broke out an old favorite kit built a few years ago with my kids, the crystal radio.

Crystal radios are fun to play with no matter how old you are. The kit listed above is the Elenco MX-901 Crystal Radio. Four local stations came in loud and clear into my earphone.

WABC, 770AM, Talk
WINS, 1010AM, News
WEPN, 1050AM, ESPN Sports
WBBR, 1130AM, Bloomberg

The hook up was very simple, antenna wire hung over curtain rod, ground wire to a plate on radiator. The key is a good solid ground, make sure your connection is not made against some metal that is painted.

I am going to keep it connected for another hour and maybe get lucky with a station or two out of the local area.

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  1. The first radio I ever owned was a crystal set. Purchased in 1950 from an ad in the back of Boy's Life, the scouting magazine. Was a Philmore. Essentially same antenna as yours. They say a crystal radio has the purest audio because of its entire lack of components.