Friday, March 5, 2010

Parts Shortages

The electronics industry is starting to see major shortages of various components. Reasons I am hearing is most manufacturers reduced workers which in turn slowed down parts production. According to Electronic Weekly, Texas Instruments cut their workforce by 3,200 people last year.

Once allocation starts and lead times get pushed out 20+ weeks for delivery, more customers turn to the independent distributor / broker, and than prices sky rocket. I noticed delivery for Vishay up to 28 weeks on certain items. Years ago the severe shortage for surface mount chip resistors and capacitors drove prices extremely high and that was if you were able to source the product.

This should not effect the hobbyist for finding small quantities from the catalog type distributors, but prices will jump up.

I have been in electronic distribution for over 25 years, these shortage cycles come around every so often. This one might be here for sometime.

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