Saturday, December 12, 2009

Radio Shack Visit

During the afternoon Christmas shopping I stopped at a Radio Shack and took a look around.

I have not been to a Radio Shack store in a long time. When I was younger that was the source for all my components and soldering needs. Back in the day the selves were full of all sorts of neat stuff, LED's, buzzers, IC's, etc. To my surprise they have two cabinets full of various components and a wall of a few test meters, soldering irons, and a fan or two. I guess if you need an item ASAP and do not want to wait for your mail order delivery to arrive it's OK, but price wise mail order is the way to go.

I did pick up a wire wrap tool for my perf board circuit building. The tool is a neat and easy way to wire up your circuits.

Time to look for something to build!

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